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Boy communcating on 2-way radio

Why have a communication plan?

Youth need some type of communication “tool” (two-way radios, cell phone, etc.) that enables them to communicate with an adult in case of emergency and/or for “checking in.” Youth must be trained to use this equipment under safe conditions and to never use it when it would be a hazardous distraction.

What is a hazardous distraction?

This is something that creates a hazard (danger) by distracting a worker’s attention from their job. Examples would include texting on a cell phone while driving a tractor or talking on a 2-way radio while in a pen with cattle.

What does a communication plan need to include?

A communication plan must include information about the type(s) of communication tools used and what adults and youth need to know (what training is needed), such as:

  • Who needs to be contacted and when
  • Contact information, such as cell phone numbers or 2-way radio channels
  • What types of events/issues/problems necessitate communication
  • When not to use the tools, and what steps to take to remedy the situation if communication is necessary

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