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Child/Youth Resources

Child Agricultural Safety Brochure – Web Version

Agritourism and Rural Recreation

Anabaptist Resources

Childhood Agricultural Injury Data and Labor Regulations

Childhood Agricultural Work

Curriculum for Agricultural Safety or Health

General Childhood Agricultural Safety

Reports and National Action Plans

Play/Non-Work Related Safety

Spanish Language Resources

Adult Resources

Below is a list of agricultural safety and health resources for adult farmers and farmworkers, parents, and employers. Resources available include print, videos, webinars, and online training modules.

Health and Safety Print Materials

National Farm Medicine Center Resources

Additional Print Resources

Video Resources/Webinars/Online Training

First Aid and Emergency Response Information

Resources Available in Spanish and French



For the Media

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) – Agricultural Health & Safety Centers

Below are links to the NIOSH webpage and regional NIOSH-funded centers dedicated to agricultural health and safety