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Tools of the Trade

A variety of agricultural safety videos and accompanying handouts are provided below. Click into any topic that interests you to review the video and all accompanying materials. A Tools of the Trade Media Kit is also available containing a press release, images and videos, social media and hashtag suggestions. For quick access, a selection menu and search are also available below.

Safer Farm

Safer Farm is an ever-evolving free online tool designed to provide first-hand information about hazards, a process for evaluating hazards, and recommendations on correcting hazards on the farm.

Ag Injury Surveillance

Video demonstration that utilizes the free ag injury surveillance tool at and applying the research to real world issues.

Safety & Health Resources

The SAY National Clearinghouse has ag safety and health curriculum and resources, which can be used in 4-H club, FFA classrooms or agricultural workplaces. Participants will be able to ‘test drive’ some of the materials like the Safer Farm

Hazard Ridge Video Game

Hazard Ridge is the most fun and effective way to learn about farm safety! This interactive 3D video game teaches teens preventative safety measures and how to navigate challenges in real time.

ATV/UTV Safety

Through the use of a tilt table we demonstration how center of gravity changes when adding a load.

Spills On the Farm

This infographic is a tool to prepare farms in case of a spill. Two major sections make up this tool: Before a spill, planning and implementing spill mitigation steps and Spill Response, what to do in case of a spill. This TOT will walk viewers through each of the steps and demonstrate planning, implementation and response.

Noise Monitoring Apps

Hearing loss continues to be a risk for those working in agriculture, with approximately 50% of agricultural workers over 50 years of age experiencing hearing handicaps. This session will teach you how to create a hearing conservation lesson using a free noise monitoring app and inexpensive noise suppressing earbuds. This lesson can be used with folks from 13 - 100 years of age.

Protecting Young Ag Workers

Demonstrations of videos and worksite/classroom activities to promote safety among young workers.

Virtual Learning for AFF

These interactive courses were created for producers and organizations to improve safety and health practices on agricultural, forestry and fishing operations. Each module includes videos, notes, quizzes, and a comprehensive exam. Enroll in the SW Ag Center’s Rise courses and take your health and safety trainings to the next level.

Hearing Conservation

This demonstration will include a walk-through of a web-based hearing loss simulator which will enable participants to experience what it is like to live with noise-induced hearing loss. There will also be an activity on using a sound level meter app to measure sound levels in the environment, and how to reduce environmental noise exposures.

Dairy Worker Training Guides

In this Tools of the Trade demonstration, we'll demo and walk through a practical training tool: producer training guides. Demystify dairy and swine safety with fully-loaded with guides, videos, quizzes, and a certificate of completion (in English and Spanish).

Power Take Off (PTO) Safety

This demonstration uses a work boot and a simulated shoelace to illustrate how far a spinning 540 RPM PTO shaft actually travels in three seconds. This is an easily replicated, visual demonstration to illustrate reaction time and the dangers of entanglement in a PTO shaft.

Ag Youth Work Guidelines

It’s well known that agriculture is a hazardous worksite, especially for young workers, who typically have less experience and different abilities than adults. Join us as we demonstrate how the Agricultural Youth Work Guidelines are used to assess a young worker’s abilities and ensure they can perform tasks safely.

Invest in Your Health

Join us as we introduce six modules that have been developed on key safety and health topics targeting youth, young workers and workers new to agriculture. Course instruction and training materials are provided under an open share platform. Join us in building capacity for agricultural safety and health in community members.

AgriSafe Learning Lab (ALL)

The AgriSafe Learning Lab (ALL) was launched in May 2019. This online tool allows participants to experience learning at a time that is right for them and ensures active participation before certificates or digital badges are generated. All developed content, including training, resources and courses, are available in the AgriSafe Learning Lab.

Virtual Tractor Training

The tractor safety curriculum has undergone an extreme make-over and ready for its big reveal! From traditional to trendy, participants will see new curriculum to engage youth, teachers and community leaders who teach tractor certification. Be ready to take a test drive on the virtual reality driving course!

Teaching Hearing Protection

Use STEM education and the investigative process to teach youth about hearing protection. This lesson puts a new spin on a classic safety education tool commonly referred to as the "AirZooka," which is used to mimic the interaction between harmful noise and the human eardrum. The mini AirZooka activity takes this teaching tool a step further by engaging students in the building and demonstrating processes to amplify learning, engagement, and ultimately the retention of knowledge.

Child & Youth Farm Safety Game

Enjoy this printable farm-themed educational board game, where the goal is to be the first player to get your animal to the barn.

Emergency Preparedness - Stop the Bleed

First aid and educational materials relating to farm injuries and how to stop the bleed. Resources include a printable farmer's first aid book and illustrated first aid posters on controlling blood loss and related training guidelines.


Farm Mapping to Assist, Protect and Prepare Emergency Responders (Farm MAPPER) is an interactive, device-agnostic, private and secure, free web-based tool developed by the National Farm Medicine Center (NFMC) that provides emergency responders with a bird’s eye view of onsite information about hazards, resources, and physical layouts of agricultural operations.

Ladder Safety

Educational materials and printable resources for ladder safety. Topics include how to choose the right ladder for the job, guidelines for setting up each type of ladder and proper use of ladders. Includes instructions for a ladder safety game.

Safe Play

Children are curious and see the farm as a gigantic playground. They may not recognize or understand dangers and may forget the rules laid out for them. It is important to have areas on a farm where it is safe for a child to play – and items in the play area that will keep children interested and engaged so that they want to play in these areas.

Media Guidelines Activity

To help minimize unsafe practices, the Childhood Agricultural Safety Network has compiled do’s and do nots as reminders for all of us. Following them can help each of us be confident we are doing our part for farm safety.

Test Your Knowledge

Word searches, crossword puzzles and word scrambles to test your knowledge on farm safety topics. Please refer to the instructional sheet for information on game selection, setup options and team play.

Tools of the Trade Media Kit

In this media kit, you are welcome to use and edit all suggested posts, the press release and images. What you cannot edit is the official cultivate safety logo. You may use it and lay it over another graphic, but please do not edit it. The kit includes a template press release, images and videos, social media and hashtag suggestions

Age and Ability Appropriate Tasks: Jeopardy

The Agricultural Youth Work Guidelines (AYWG) are designed to help adults assess a youth’s abilities and assign age and ability-appropriate tasks to youth working in agriculture, helping prevent injuries and fatalities. These guidelines display the hazards and protective strategies for youth to know. We took those hazards and strategies and made a jeopardy game for youth to learn and prove their knowledge prior to doing the tasks. This is a great activity to do at expo events and school visits.

Tools of the Trade Media Kit