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Safety Guidelines: Hired Adolescent Farm Workers

These guidelines can assist parents whose children have been hired to do farm work. They will provide parents with information on how their child can perform their job safely, as well as what the laws are that their child is subject to. Don’t see a task you’re looking for? Submit a request for a new guideline.


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Employers can utilize these guidelines to help reduce the risk of injuries to hired adolescent workers. It will assist them with training and provide them with information on specific work tasks. Posters can be displayed after training to help remind workers of the importance of being safe.


Supervision is an essential part of safe work for youth. Different jobs and age groups require different levels of supervision; a knowledgeable adult should supervise tasks constantly, or in part. See individual guidelines for specific supervision requirements.

Benefits of Agricultural Work

Agricultural work teaches youth valuable lessons about time management and responsibility. Completed tasks give youth a sense of accomplishment.

Child Development

Ages listed on guidelines are based on the following child development chart. You should always compare your own child’s abilities to those listed for their age.